Your Solar Power Investment & Management Partner in Turkey

Turnkey Project Solutions

Norm Energy is specialised in turnkey project solutions. We provide our customers with complete project management – planning through to installation of all on-grid and off-grid systems and right up to operation. Customised planning includes soil evaluation, a detailed installation plan, GPS-supported measurement for the fixed mounting systems and the best possible minimisation of shade on the modules.


Our know-how is optimally adjusted to suit the newest generation of modules in every individual project, thereby generating maximum enegy output.


Our turnkey project solutions are customised in detail to customer requirements. In addition to a comprehensive cost estimation by our sales experts, by means of a precise GPS measurements our experts prepare ground and site reports and an exact shade calculation. In addition to module allocation and inverter ion, the high level electrotechnical planning also copmrises the adjustment of each individual cable cross-section fixed mounting structure. Furthermore, our team also supports the customer in the cooperation with local permitting authorities, as part of the approval process.


Your project will be implemented in cooperation with certified local partners. Organization and monitoring are ensured by our project managers on site. The necessary components are delivered just in time, to enable optimal construction progress and synchronised mass production. The installation of the modules, including the associated electrical engineering work, the installation of cables to the supply point and the final inspection, also form part of our range of services.

Operation & Service

Norm Energy Systems offers to completely operate the power plants for customers, or to undertake servicing and maintenance tasks. In addition to regular reports on all important system parameters, both individual details and ive status s are possible. Norm Energy Systems also offers a comprehensive insurance policy, amongst other things for theft, damage or module outage.

Profitable Investment

Clients and investors, who are interested in the profit-oriented and future-proof generation of the solar power, as well as the best possible return on their investment, should decide for the Norm Enegy Systems’ high past experience. In terms of economic efficiency, the solar panels used are significantly superior to other systems for reason of long term stability, low maintenance, efficiency and intelligent design features and these make it an enormously profitable and above all future-proff investment. With continious expansion of our product range, we supplement and optimise our value proposal for customers with diverse requirements in terms of market, location, technology and investment environment.

Our Superiorities

·         Local experience, popularity and reliability

·         We premeditate and prearrange for you

·         Energy analysis, pre-feasibility, reporting

·         Maximum income, maximum efficiency

·         Minimum risk, safe investment, ensuring

·         Procedure and work completion in minimum time

·         Saving opportunity with minimum labor force and resource usage

·         Risk analysis and legal support

·         Assessment of local natives in subjects as resources, equipments and labor force

·         Fast, flexible, practical and solution oriented business plan

·         Opprtunity to share our exporting markets and selling

Additional Services

·         Consultancy and support (Constant - continuous)

·         Potential of available clients and prepared projects

·         Finding new markets and market development

·         Support for the legal procedures, permissions etc.

·         Roof inspections for the permissions of roof usage (Required for the unlicensed applications on roof tops)

·         Provision of local support for the foreign EPC companies

·         Opportunity of organizations with Turkish civil engineers/architects

·         Reporting about local equipment and cooperations with producers

·         Development of practical solutions

·         Support for the municipality-legal-public-bureaucratic relations

·         Sharing of actual sector information

·         Turkish / English translations

·         Panels, educations, seminars, non-governmental organisations, social responsibility, public relations for company-product-service introductions

Business Based (Optional) Services

·         Preparation of unlicensed production application files

·         Land development and land procurement

·         Ground survey and geotechnical reporting


Solarex Istanbul 2013
Solarex Istanbul 2013
Solarex Istanbul 2013
Solarex Istanbul 2013
Solarex Istanbul 2013
Solarex Istanbul 2013