Why Solar Energy?

-          Solar energy systems provide convenient solutions for everyone. As long as it is suitable, solar energy systems can be installed on any roof and surface.

-          It is always beneficial to produce your own energy. You will not be effected by any tariff changes in electricity prices.

-          Solar panels are lasting and reliable products with long term warranties and lifetime.

-          Transmission losses long distance do not ocur when the electricity produced solar energy is consumed it was produced.

-          Maintenance of solar energy systems are minute amount compared to other systems. For cleanliness of the solar panels, only rain would be enough most of the time.

-          Solar energy systems do not involve moving equipments and do not need mechanical maintenance. It is clean, non-waste energy which is harmless to environment and creatures.

-          Solar energy is an endless and costless source of energy. Solar energy amount which arrives at the earth in 20 minutes equals to total amount of consumed energy all around the world in a day.

-          Solar energy is a peaceful energy source. There is no solar war in history, unlike petrol, natural gas, uranium and coal.

-          Thanks to your solar energy system, energy raw material importations do not effect you.

-          Solar energy systems can produce electricity even under cloudy weather conditions, as long as radiation is sufficient. Required energy can be found in every region and season.

-          Solar energy is a sustainable, efficient and eco-friendly, not air-pollutant, renewable energy source.

Reasons for Preference to Switch to Solar Energy

Proven by countless environmental and economical advantages and reliability, photovoltaic electrical energy gains popularity as an important energy source day by day.

We have a lot of sun, besides it is free of charge

Your only need to produce photovoltaic electricity with solar panels is sun. Ideal high radiation rates and climate conditions of our country, provide an ideal setting to evaluate this potential with solar energy system applications.

Solar Energy Systems are silent, fumeless and harmless

Fossil fuels which are used in energy production result fume, acid rain, air anda water pollution. At the same time, carbon dioxide is produced. Photovoltaic electrical energy uses only sun power as a fuel. Solar energy do not result harmful gas emmisions and it helps lower the effects of global warming.

Safe and Reliable Systems

Lifetime of a solar panel is 30+ years. Moreover, at the end of 25 years of usage, it proves its high efficient performance and reliability of this technology in long term by only degrading to 80% of its first day production rate. Additionally, reliable products are presented to investors under favour of high quality standards determinated with European Union norms.

Your carbon emmision rights can be sold

You can become entitled to sell your carbon dioxide emmision rigths you prevented with your solar energy system, by certifying them. You can both cover your operation and maintenance expenses and usage of resource by selling your voluntary carbon credits especially to airline companies.

It is possible to recycle solar panels

Recycling not only protects the environment but also decreases the amount of energy consumed to produce silicon, glass and aluminum which are components of solar panels. By this way, production expenses are lowered.

Electricity can be produced inregions which are destitute of electricity

One-third of today’s 6 billion world population live in rural areas with no electricity, void of clean water sources and away modern life. Thanks to modularity of solar systems, eco-friendly solar energy can be used this regions to develop and benefit education and communication possibilities. The person or corporation in need is provided with opportunity to produce electricity.

Quick installation and scalable design

Amount of electricity to be produced by installed solar energy systems can be calculated by correct planning and engineering and data close to 100% accuracy. They can be installed way quicker than rest of the energy production systems and can start to produce in a really short time.

New business opportunities

Solar energy sector provides employment and new working areas for thousands of people for long years with anticipated high growth rates and makes positive contribution to country economy. It supports existing energy substructure and s synergy with construction sector.