Norm-Exeron is an intelligent hybrid power system with various areas of application.


The system can combine effectively the power different energy sources like sun, wind, diesel generator and grid. The unused energy is being saved in battery for further reuse. Norm-Exeron hybrid power system consists of AC and DC charge controllers, battery, DC-AC inverter and a microcomputer unit for monitoring and control.


There are 2 cases the hybrid power system is used.


1. An object connected to the electrical grid (Load-Equipment-System)


Norm-Exeron ensures power back-up and significant cost savings, because the renewable energy is being primarily used.


2. An object not connected to the electrical grid (Load-Equipment-System)


In this case all the electrical energy comes renewable sources. It has a scalable and modular structure. Maintenance and operation cost are the lowest possible which will provide savings.


This is the typical case for remote telecommunication sites as well as military field camps and remote objects. Its easy operation, the suitability for fast scheduled maintenance and excellent maintainability in combination with its high reliability are a guarantee for saving time, resources and extremely valuable time.


Like all our products, Norm-Exeron has a highly reliable fail-safe structure and is constructed based on multiple fault-tolerant solutions.


Main technical details: 

• Umpp (DC): 140V ... 450 V

• U (AC) input : 220 V / 3 x 400 V

• U (DC) output : 48 V

• U (AC) output : 220 V / 3 x 400 V

• Power : 2 kW ... 10 MW

• Software for remote monitoring


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