For Investors

As it is known, because of famine of world`s energy sources and occurring of climate changes, an orientation has started towards the native energy sources in Turkey, as in the world. We aim to be one of the top firms of the sector by our background and a country, "Turkey" which can produce own energy by using own sources in the future on principle.


Beside services we give all around Turkey as Norm Energy, we support our application partners, neighbour countries and Turkic Republics, in export and all kind of commercial relationship.


Because of rising need to energy day bye day and limited sources; energy, especially renewable energy is seen as the shining star of the sector. This sector, which achieves a really big explosion by governments` encouragements all around the world, develops fastly in Turkey and keeps rising with increasing acceleration. We aim to be a part of this rise and occur in this sector as a permanent firm. We are anytime ready to share our experiences, which are about sector, with local and foreign investors. If you want to learn more information about our company and your investment opportunities, you can contact us with  


Our world is full of energy …