Mission, Vision, Goal

Norm Energy Systems “VISION” is based on customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, quality, teamwork, social responsibility, professional management approach, appropriateness of technological developments to become a leader company in its sector.


In addition, within the framework of this vision we have identified our “MISSION” that add a value for our customer, our employee, our country and become a model company.


As a first & leader company in this sector, we purpose to protect our Strong Brand Position which is the symbol of stability, success and confidence while increase the diversity of products, services and also to be the first company who offer innovative products and services.


Fair in relationships, provide mutual benefit, act in good faith and understanding, and always obey the laws and ethics rules are our basic principles. The other essential basic principle is fulfilling our responsibilities to today’s people and future generations.


To the interests of our country, to spread awareness and conscious of environmental protection, social responsibility and to support R & D projects are among our priorities.


We are sharing our unique local market knowledge and past experience with leading companies in the country and abroad.


Our World is Full of Energy…