-          NORM HYBRID SHS - Solar Solutions for Houses / Offices

-          7/24/365 Non-Stop Energy

-          230 V AC ± 2% Output Voltage, 50 Hz

-          100% Sine Wave Output, High Yield

-          Complete Regulation. No More Undervoltage!

-          Automatical Transition without Interruption

-          Protection for Delicate and Technological Equipment

-          Peak Power Support

-          Computer Interface

-          Quality Equipment, Long Service Life, Auxiliary Equipment Support

-          Remote Control & Monitoring Support (Optional)

-          Modular and Scalable Structure

-          Tailor Made Design Opportunity

-          Flexible Solutions and Implementation


NORM HYBRID SHS - Continuos and Comfortable Electricity with Solar Energy Systems…


Eco-friendly solar power increases your quality of life by providing savings increasing electricity costs and preventing power cuts for your equipments. This is a non-polluting system which decreases dependency to fosil fuels. Being renewable and independent, system provides freedom to client.


If there is grid or AC generator support in your house/office, you can get access to continuous quality and reliable electricity. When the sine wave of electricity which is produced by Hybrid SHS overlaps with the sine wave of grid electricity, the quality of your produced energy will be much higher.


You can feed your TV, refrigerator, computer, office equipments, lighting, security consumptions such as alarm, camera and your environmental luminances form 4~5 hours a day to 2 days when there is no grid connection. System power capacity is designed for your consumption, autonomy time and the solar radiation of your location. Autonomy time can be expanded (Optional).


You can profit by daylight at full blast with Norm Hybrid SHS. Solar panels produce direct current (DC). Smart inverter/charger device converts direct current (DC) to ALTERNATIVE current (AC) and makes it suitable for your household appliances which operate with AC voltage.


Hybrid device has the feature of charging the batteries the grid when the solar energy is not enough to charge the batteries completely (AC generator input is optional). You can meet your Energy need at nights form batteries and charge your batteries again the next day. Thus you do not experience power cuts.


Solar energy always has the priority in the system. But you can provide additional energy the electrical grid (or the AC generator) when the solar power is insufficient. No cuts or voltage fluctuations are felt in this transition and your electrical devices do not suffer damages.


Undervoltage is automatically fixed by specially developed automation mechanism, so equipment and systems which are fed will be under protection. Norm Hybrid SHS has automatical transition feature.


Short circuit, overload sensors at the output and low/high battery voltage, evertemperature/heat sensors at the input are available.


System can respond to power/current needs for devices such as refrigerator, compressor, air conditioner, water engine and devices with transformers at their starting time with its Peak Power feature.


Norm Hybrid SHS provides savings with its high yield feature.


System is scalable and modular. If your energy need increases in the future, you can expand your system capacity by adding solar panels, inverters and batteries. Moreover, it is possible to implement for 3-phase 380/400 V AC voltages.


You can monitor and interfere if it is necessary your own computer with its simple and practical computer connection.


ALTERNATIVE solutions are available for variable powers, needs and applicaions.


You can contact us for engineering, system design, domestic trade, import and export subjects.


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Norm Energy Systems Ltd.
Norm Energy Systems Ltd.
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Solar-Bazaar Istanbul Turkey
non-stop electricity
non-stop electricity
Perpa Trade Center, Istanbul Turkey
Perpa Trade Center, Istanbul Turkey