SPRING Series Solar Pumping Inverter

-Solar Pumping System uses the solar power which is one of green energy and it drives the pump directly after the conversion  of  the  inverter. The  system  requires no external battery, stores waters instead of electricity and then drives the AC pump. The system is economical, saving-energy and clean. It can be applied to many occasions such as people and animals drinking water in remote areas, farmland irrigation, desertification control and city landscape water use etc.

- SPRING  series  Solar  Pumping  Inverter    NORM company is dedicated to Solar Pumping System and it can be used for various application scenario. The Solar Pumping Inverter controls and regulates the system operation, converts the DC power PV array to AC power and then drives AC pumps. It can adjust the output frequency real-time according to the irradiation change and fulfill maximum power point tracking (MPPT).


Product Features

-Designed dedicate for solar pump, and compatible with various motor type; have excellent performance;

-IP 65 protection level, inverter integrates the combiner box which contains the PV dedicated DC switch, SPD, fuse and other optional accessories;

-Natural cooling style without fans, IP65 high protection level guarantee inverter to be applied under all kinds of outdoor strict environment;

-Using advanced dynamic VI MPPT technique and optimized sine PWM control technique; fast respond and good operating stability;

-Main circuit adopts intelligent power module, high reliability, conversion efficiency reach to 98%;

-Advanced IGBT module, the high and low water position detection control circuit optional;

-Whole course automatic running; no need manual duty; the pump speed range can be set freely according to the system conditions so that guarantee the running time as long as possible;

-The inverter outer casing is solid and durable, compact size, nice appearance; friendly UI, user can check the real time info and historical info via the LCD display located in the front board; can store the running data up to 8 years;

-Plenty of communication interface, such as RS485/CAN/GPRS (optional); the running and status can be checked remotely;

-Inverter has perfect running protection mechanism, such as output short-circuit protection, IGBT over-current protection, input over/under voltage protection, overload protection, module over-temp protection, grounding protection and so on;

-Inverter allows using grid or diesel generator as backup power supply, 24-hour runnin…