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Product Name : Energy Storage System

Model Name : CSES-1440-JA / CSES-2880-JA

Battery Size : 1.44kWh / 2.88kWh

Battery Type : Lithium-ion Battery (LiFePO4)



For residential or small Commercial application …


The ESS (Energy Storage System), with the capacity 1.44kWh or 2.88kWh, was designed the ground up to address the current market needs.


ESS can automatically charge its battery both the grid and solar power system, providing electricity at night or when the grid is down in emergency situations.


The ESS system is easy to install, equipped with an AC charger, Li-battery, inverter, and switches …


Designed to work with PV system and is a stable backup power source for home and office needs.


The ESS (Energy Storage System) was designed with reliability and performance in mind. Additionally, the ESS was designed the ground up to address the current market needs and the energy-storage shortcomings of related products.


Equipped with an AC charger, battery, inverter, and switches, the ESS system is easy to install. The basic function of ESS is to provide electricity during emergency situations. At the same time, ESS can maximize FIT payment by charging its battery the Grid at low off-peak rate at night and use battery power during the peak hours, maximizing the sale of PV power at the high FIT rate.



Daytime: Solar Power is selling to Grid, and ESS system will provide electricity for priority load.

Nighttime: Grid will charge ESS at low off-peak rate.



Solar panel will charge the ESS and ESS will provide electricity for priority load.


Easy for installation

Plug & Play technology can save your installation time.


Friendly interface

Intelligent control system and 4.3” touch screen make your system very easy to operate.


Expendable & Modular design

ESS product is designed to use with our modular battery system. Customer can expand the system size and change the battery according to their needs.


Four-working mode

Help customer earning money and saving cost. Meanwhile could use as UPS during the emergency case.


(Source : Canadian Solar, September 2013)



CanadianSolar Energy Storage System