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Functions and applications


Data logger and analysis function

This function (Data logger), integrated in the remote control RCC-02/-03, enables to record and analyze the data of an Xtender system. The main electrical values are saved on the SD card in the remote control.


The function Data logging applies to all Xtender models. For the remote control with a version earlier than the 1.3.26, the current software version can be downloaded our website for an of the remote control.


These values enable to follow up the evolution of the system energy consumption, to check the power cuts, the state of the auxiliary contacts, the input currents and voltages, etc ...


More than this, attached to this function, Studer Innotec offers for free an analysis tool (Xtender Data Analysis Tool) in the form of a file type Microsoft® Excel® 2007 allowing to gather all recorded data and to display them graphically. The data become then readable and understandable at a glance.


A second analysis tool in the form of a Script Matlab® (Xtender Matlab® Data Analysis) is also available for free. This tool will enable you to carry out your own analysis and simulations.


Fonction Smart-Boost

The function Smart-Boost enables to add the inverter power to another source, like for instance a genset or the shorepower, even in case of asymetric loads. It is possible to add an Xtender to almost any other existing inverter in order to increase the power available.


Solsafe - A backup system for grid connected solar installations

The installation of our solution Solsafe in a grid connected solar system enables to securitize totally or partially the power supply in case of a power cut, and so to keep on using the solar energy being produced.


Inverter, charger and transfer relay

The Xtender basically works as an inverter and as a charger, combined with a transfer relay.


2 or 3 units in parallel on 1 phase

Increase of the power on one phase by setting 2 or 3 Xtender in parallel.


1 phase in and 3 phase out

Three-phase power supply a single phase source.


3 phase in and 3 phase out

Three-phase source for a three-phase power supply.


3 phase + with one reinforced phase

Three-phase power supply with increase of the power on one phase by setting 2 or 3 Xtender in parallel on this phase.


3 Xtender in parallel on 3 phases

Three-phase power supply with 3 Xtender on each phase, for power up to 72kW.



XTM 1500-12 (-01)

XTM 2000-12 (-01)

XTM 2400-24 (-01)

XTM 2600-48 (-01)

XTM 3500-24 (-01)

XTM 4000-48


XTH 3000-12 (-01)

XTH 5000-24 (-01)

XTH 6000-48 (-01)

XTH 8000-48



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