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Off-Grid Module Product

Suntech offers the widest range of off-grid solar panels ( 5W to 140W) designed for applications telecommunications, water pumping, and instrumentation to solar lighting in remote and rural areas. These stand alone systems supply electricity to areas there are no electrical grid transmission lines. Thousands of Suntech stand alone home systems are used in many developing countries like Indonesia bringing electricity and light to people living in remote villages. Suntech is the world’s largest crystalline silicon solar module manufacturer with more than 1.3GW of solar modules already installed worldwide. All products are designed according to IEC/Ul standard* and manufactured in ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified production line. Suntech is also an active member of PVCycle — an independent PV industry association dedicated to establishing a takeback and recycling program for PV solar modules and their end-of-life waste. All Suntech off-grid module comes with 25-year power output warranty and 5-year materials and workmanship warranty. Please refer to Suntech standard module warranty for details.

*Please contact our local sales representative for details on product certification with TUV and UL.


Why Suntech ?

• Broad product range, 5W to 140W

• Lower NOCT and temperature coefficient

• Good performance in low irradiance environment

• Better product warranty term

• IEC and UL certified product*


- Signal transfering station

- Remote rural electrification

- Solar powered water pumping and desalination system

- Road security and railroad signals systems

- Solar powered lights, such as traffic lights, street lamp and etc.

- Medical and education facilities in rural areas

- Pumping systems for irrigation, rural water supplies and livestock

- Power source for vacation homes

- Remote solar home systems

- Aviation directional lighting

- Sailboat charging systems


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